Chinese calligraphy is an Oriental art.

It is very much like painting. It uses Chinese Kanji characters to communicate the spiritual world of the artist. Each calligraphy artist develops their own style over time and many years of practice. Through the medium of form, way of handling the brush, presentation, and style, calligraphy as a work of art conveys the moral integrity, character, emotions, and esthetic feelings of the artist.

Chinese Calligraphy is a unique Oriental art of expression and a branch of learning or discipline as well, forming an important part of Chinese, Japanese and Korean culture.

Recently, people in the West, and especially the United States have discovered the unique beauty of Chinese calligraphy. They say every character is written like a beautiful flower. Western scholars visiting China developed a keen interest in and love for Chinese calligraphy.

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They study Chinese characters, and from the construction of the characters they seek to understand calligraphy. From calligraphy they seek to learn about Oriental culture. There are artists in the West who understand the abstract beauty of Chinese calligraphic art.