On Learning Chinese Calligraphy

Enter the words, “Chinese Calligraphy” in any search engine and you would find millions of results in a second’s time! Yes, Chinese calligraphy has always been a feature of special worth in Chinese culture and traditions. Being one of the oldest practiced calligraphies of the world, this form of writing is still as much alive as it used to be hundreds of years ago. Some people confuse the origin or existence of Chinese calligraphy with the emergence of China in the world. Yes, China came into being in 1948 or so, but the traditional Chinese calligraphy is living in this part of the world for hundreds of years before that.
It is said that paper was first used in China in around 1200 or so. Now this speaks of the fact that the calligraphy of this region, the Chinese calligraphy, was probably the first ever calligraphy of the world that found a prestigious place on the surface of paper. As China is largely known for its traditional medicinal research and literature, most of this literature and research is preserved in the forms of books written in Chinese calligraphy. Chinese calligraphy finds an immense significance as far as a couple of religions of the local region are concerned. The ancient religious verses of these religions are carved in the rocks and cave walls in the Chinese calligraphy. This makes Chinese calligraphy very important for people from their religious point of view as well. Thus it would be a very nice idea to have a look at a few tutorials of Chinese calligraphy and see how it is written and read. There are scores of internet resources carrying bundles of information in the form of video and audio tutorials on this subject and one can always access them free of cost and from any location.

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