Chinese calligraphy – Something Different

Art is a form of expression that transcends all other forms. Every society has got a different means and style of communication and expression. The Chinese have over the years had several means of communication but Chinese Calligraphy is one of the most profound and most artistic forms of expression. This kind of calligraphy has great similarities with ordinary painting. It employs they use of Chinese Kanji characters to be able to express a message from the artists’ spiritual world. This kind of calligraphy is basically the artist’s way of letting the whole world tap into his spiritual being.
Chinese Calligraphy has a history that engulfs China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam and lately, there are many societies that have adopted this style of expression. The depth and realism that this calligraphy brings is quite immense that many people have actually been able to tap into their spiritual well being through this calligraphy. As a matter of fact, enthusiast from other parts of the world especially the West have appreciated and admired this calligraphy that they have decided to master it and make it part of their culture as well.
The technique of this Chinese Calligraphy lies in a number of factors. It lies in the size, shape and type of brush hair being used. It is also determined by the density of the ink that is being used and it also relies greatly on the ability of the surface of the paper to absorb. A combination of these principles will always deliver the perfect kind of calligraphy. The calligrapher is also able to influence what the eventual result looks like through the water/ink quality that he decides to use on the brush. The manner in which he holds the brush and applies it on the surface determines what the final result will look like and it gives the calligrapher a chance to express himself fully.

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