About Chinese Chop…

Chinese chop is a stamp or a seal with someone’s name carved on the bottom of a block of jade or wood. A Chinese chop is used the same way a handwritten signature is used on official documents. It is equivalent to someone’s signature in the west. The chops can be acquired from shops in large and small cities in China and Taiwan. The seals are made of metal, stone, wood, bamboo, ivory or plastic, and they are used with cinnabar paste or red ink. In the past, the Chinese used handprints and fingerprints as signatures and seals which was first impressed on clay then printed on paper.
The chops are used by individuals or organizations. They are also used in official documents such as bank transactions and legal papers. Most of the seals have the owners’ name. Government offices which use chops have the name of the office rather than the name of the official on the chop. They are also used for informal purposes such as signing letters.
The chop is pressed into the paste then the image is transferred to paper by applying pressure to the chop which leaves the paper with the chop imprint. The paste is stored in an airtight jar to prevent it from drying out.
Chinese chops are still in use today for various purposes. They are used to identify when signing for registered mail or a parcel, or signing checks at the bank. The seals are very hard to forge, hence they are sometimes used as proof of ID.
For people living in china and Taiwan find it easier to conduct business if one has a chop. For tourists visiting or planning to stay in china or Taiwan for a while, they may find it vital to acquire one so as to ease transaction process.

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