Discovering the beauty in Chinese calligraphy

For people who are interested in art, the concept of Chinese Calligraphy will probably create a smile on their faces. This form of art has existed for a very long time and it has made a mark on many societies especially in Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam and the surrounding countries. For a longtime now, this form of art has been appreciated and used by these people in their day to day expressions. However over the years, the love for this form of art has spread further out to other parts of the world. Today, many people from as far as the Western World have taken to liking this form of art and they have made it a part of their lives. It might have developed in China but today it has spread to so many parts of the world.
There is a very close relation between ink and wash panting and Chinese Calligraphy because both of them tend to use tools that are quite similar. Also, the techniques that are used to attain the final results in both cases are quite similar. The Chinese painting and Calligraphy are very different from so many other forms of cultural arts due to the fact that they put plenty of emphasis on the idea of motion. Also these Chinese forms of art are charged with dynamic life a lot more than other forms cultural arts.
There are a number of art forms that have their history in Chinese calligraphy and some of these include ink stones, ornate paperweights and seal carving. Apart from just the forms of art, this calligraphy also influences other forms of life of the people not only in the areas where it originated from but across the entire world. For someone who appreciates art and is looking to try out some new forms of art, there are many reasons to try out this very unique style of calligraphy.

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