The Chinese people believe in expressing their true feelings and inner desires in ways that are elegant and extra ordinary. We all know that there are different means of expression and one can express ideas by writing, drawing, sketching, painting etc. But there is another way that is commonly used by the Chinese and regarded as an aesthetic mode of expression and that is calligraphy. In this article we will talk about Chinese calligraphy.
Calligraphy is a term that means any form of writing that is beautifully written in a neat and eligible way. The writing may be in many styles. The Chinese calligraphy is a very important part of their tradition. The Chinese people have a history of calligraphy integrating it as an essential part of examination process to judge the skills of others. Students in various fields were given a calligraphy test as well. The Chinese emperors always mastered this art and were famous for it. They made it a custom to teach their children as well about calligraphy. The Chinese have named four basic tools which are required for calligraphy. These tools include the writing brush, an ink stick, ink slab and a white good quality paper on which the calligraphy is done.
The Chinese believe that calligraphy represents a person’s soul. So when one draws it shows that how much that person’s personality is dominated by good or evil instincts, it also portrays the person’s state of mind and the way he or she perceives things. Whether the person has an optimistic view of things or is a pessimist and takes things negatively. Nowadays as every art has advanced with time so has the technique used in calligraphy. People use the writing brush in it these days but still there are those people who love the way calligraphy was done in olden times.

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